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A New Project Has Been Born – My Little English Column

22. Mai 2013

BildSince this blog is mainly written in German, I thought I’d include a little English column just for fun. I miss writing in English, to be honest. After almost six years of university studies IN English, writing in German seems weird and almost unnatural, haha. I guess going from writing 100% English texts to 0% in only a few months needs some time to get over. So why not start with 30% English content from time to time? Seems reasonable.

I love flowers and I love IKEA…so when I popped into IKEA last week with a friend, I was totally sucked into buying these DIY flower growing sets. They have a ton of these over there and I might have gotten all of them, but reason struck me after all and I decided to get only two. And then I remembered a writing class I took in the first year of my post-grad studies where we had to dedicate our limited student time to a self-experiment (and then write about it later on). I love projects like this so I thought, why not turn this little IKEA gimmick into one and document the progress? So that’s what I will be doing over the next…10 weeks?

BildLike everything at IKEA, also their flowers have to be assembled first. This particular product comes with three little pots made from coconut fibre, three briquettes of pressed flower soil and three packs of seeds.

At first, after you separated the flower pots, you have to soak the soil briquettes in 150ml of water each. And, to be honest, that was the best part of the whole thing, because the moment the briquette comes into contact with water,Bild it almost explodes and expands to nearly three times its original size. You know these speeded up silent movies that look ridiculous now, but must have had a shocking and supernatural effect in the 1920s (*cough* Murnau *cough*)? The briquette’s transformation from solid to real flower soil looks a lot like that. Or like a muffin pan with too much dough 😉

Anyways; the rest is extremely self-explanatory… after you scooped the soil into the pots, you plant the seeds and cover them with a little amount of left-over soil and water them. Tadaaa.

BildNothing that years and years of playing „Gardening Mama“ on my Nintendo DS would not have covered already. Perfect! Just like mama! Very satisfying.

The manual that came with the gardening set suggested covering the pots with kitchen foil with air holes poked into it. BildI dismissed the idea after the first day because it makes watering the plants extremely difficult. Apart from that, it’s May and up to 25°C, so I guess the plants will grow without all that junk on top.

That’s it for day one of my new DIY project. I’m really excited about how it will turn out and whether my flowers will be as pretty as the ones printed on the packaging, haha.

Until then, see you next time!