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Project Plant – Log 4

24. Juli 2013

BildLong time no see, English column! That has mainly to do with the fact that the plans didn’t change for a long time. Lately, however, the IKEA flowers started to blossom, so I thought I come here with a short update.

The flower trio has made some huge progress in comparison to last time. The sunflower trio is… well, we’ll see in this post.






As one can see in this picture, Bildthe flowers that I planted on the far left hand side carry small pink blossoms! Yippie 🙂 They are even pinker in real life, my camera just decided to NOT pick up the colour correctly, as always.

I’m kinda torn about this plant, too. Somehow, it is growing away from the sun and towards the ground? My mum suggested that it is a kind of flower that grows horizontally, not vertically. Even if that sounds logical, I don’t think it is particularly pretty to look at 😀 Also, the whole plant looks sort of sick in the first picture, don’t you think?

BildSo this is the other flower that is already blossoming. I apologise for the terrible picture, btw. I’m looking forward to seeing all of them in bloom. Maybe that will happen in a few days? We have had a very generous amount of sunshine so I’m pretty sure about it. The sunflower on the right is also pretty big and stout, yet not in bloom.







Interestingly, the weirdly shaped sunflowers are still the same, only bigger. Lol! Thanks Bildto all your comments and suggestions. Yet supporting them with a stick didn’t work…nor did seperating them/thinning them out. I did both but they continued growing in a funky twisted way.

All in all, I’m pretty happy about this year’s IKEA FRÖER. They actually turn out to be real flowers, haha 😉

until next time…