Project Plant #5

7. August 2013

CIMG2090Berlin has been extremely warm these past weeks. The thermometer crawled all the way up to 35°C (95°F) more often than I liked, and our local swimming pools are jam packed with sweaty bodies from all age groups. That’s the spirit of summer, isn’t it?

However, this lovely heat has been really good on the FRÖER plants! More and more flowers are in bloom and bring a pink tint to my balcony. CIMG2091Interestingly, one of them (I can’t remember the names of the flowers, argh!) has both white and pinks blossoms. All of them are insanely pretty and I’m really happy how this whole project has been going so far.CIMG2100 My personal suggestion still is to completey disregard the manual that came with the set and water them A LOT. In this heat, I usually water them once -twice a day. When I only water them once (usually in the evening when the sun has set), I really overdo it XD I usually water them so much that the soil they’re planted in is completely soaked. This might seem unorthodox, but the result proves me right, ain’t it? CIMG2094

Good news on the sunflower fraction, too! Whereas they’ve been rather uneventful the last weeks, they now finally seem to look like they are going to be in bloom soon, too.

This big boy (↓) looks like it’s going to hatch in the near future. See how the yellow part is already visible? haaa I’m so excited!

CIMG2095 Even the dangly, wiggly sunflowers will be in bloom soon. Despite their weird size and shape, they actually look like real sunflowers. I guess I have to stop trying to figure out WHY on earth they look so utterly and completely different in comparison to the other sunflowers I planted, and live with the fact that flowers do come in all sizes and shapes. Like humans, haha 😉 I bet the teeny tiny sunflowers will soon start their own tumblr blog and rage about non-normative bodies and sunflowerism on it XD

CIMG2097Until next time, you guys! Keep fresh and hydrated in this desert weather and look out for body shaming sunflowers 😉

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