my little gardening project – Log 3

18. Juni 2013

Okay so I repotted the IKEA plants two weeks ago. At first, I tried to repot them individually, yet the roots of the plants had already fused with the organic pots, which is why I placed the whole bundle of plants into the new flower pots together. Now, looking back on it, I have to say that it would have been easier if I had planted the seeds into regular pots in the first place. Growing them in the organic IKEA pots makes it more of a hassle later on. Anyways.

BildTwo of the three sunflower sets look like this now… somehow, the stems turned out to be long and dangly, as well as too weak to support the weight of the plant… honestly, I feel like I messed them up somehow. Are sunflowers supposed to be that dangly? I guess I have to build something around them to support the plants, or tie the stems to a stick or something like that.  Eventually, I will have to separate the bunch and repot them again, because, when they become too big, they will probably be even more in the way of each other. Urgh! Last time I tried to separate the plants from the organic IKEA pot, I tore half of them apart.

BildThe other flower set and the remaining sunflowers are potted together and look like that. I’m excessively proud they have grown to look the way they are supposed to look by now. Also, the sunflowers in this pot (farthest from the camera) have thick stems and grow vertically – so what’s up with the other sunflowers in the round pots? I don’t get it. If you read this and happen to be a gardening expert, please comment below and tell me what I’m doing wrong 😀

All in all, I hope the flowers will blossom soon <3 it has been really sunny and hot in Berlin these days (mind that when you decide to go on a bus or a subway train, haha), so fingers crossed 🙂


  • Reply Liz 24. Juni 2013 at 17:18

    Hi! I found your page because I bought herbs from IKEA and am having a similar problem, although I think I’m in time to fix it….after researching on the internet, it turns out that when the „true leaves“ started to grow, we were supposed to „thin out“ the plant – meaning, CUT a lot of the sprouts 🙁 This is because they are competing for water and nutrients and by cutting some of them, you are giving others a chance to survive. I am NOT an expert, I’m a newbie, but I’ve been reading a lot about growing from seeds and if I had to guess, I would say your sunflower plant is long and scraggly because they are competing for nutrients and there isn’t enough to go around, so they are all weak. Would you consider cutting at least a third and seeing if the others grow stronger? By „cutting“ I literally mean cutting the stems as close to the soil as possible with scissors. This is called „thinning out“, there are great videos on youtube about it, although your case looks pretty advanced….

    And I agree, I should have planted the seeds in their future homes rather than in temporary paper containers, and only a few seeds to each pot rather than 100 seeds and having to figure out now what to do before their roots get all tangled and impossible to separate.

    Thanks for writing in English! I’m trying to find others who have had problems with growing IKEA plants from seed….Good luck!


    • Reply einmalwunderland 25. Juni 2013 at 12:49

      Dear Liz,

      Thank you so much for your comment and your advise. I greatly appreciate it. You are right about cutting the weak ones, my mum told me the same when i asked her for advise. However, instead of cutting the stems, I further divided them and replanted them in new pots (which was a pain the the neck, but whatevs 😉 ). I will blog about my progress, so please check back with my blog in a couple of weeks, if you like.


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