Project Plant; Week one

29. Mai 2013

BildThe first week has been really exciting! Despite the manual’s claim for plastic foil, the seeds began to sprout after only one day. Yay! I don’t know whether that’s because my kitchen is really sunny, or because I totally disregarded the manual’s suggestion to „only spray them with water“ and kept the soil moist at all time. You see, IKEA’s gardening suggestions might now always be the icing on the cake. I guess you have to be spontaneous and listen to your green thumb.

BildThis is how the plants looked after four days! FOUR DAYS, if they continue to grow like that, I will have to re-pot them soon, despite the manual’s direction to re-pot them after three weeks. Urgh. Do you see the white things under the pot in the bottom left corner? That’s the roots that’re already protruding from the pot.

BildThat’s how big they’ve gotten after (only) one week. I have to admit that I did not expect anything like that at all. It really does work, guys.  So, it all boils down to: disregard the manual, keep the plants at a sunny spot and water them a lot. I think I’ll re-pot them this week and check in with you guys next week or the week after that… up until now, nothing really exciting has happened. But that’s how plans are, I guess XD They grow.

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